What is the differences?


Today, i will tell you about what is important in programming. I used to hear that some programming languages or frameworks are more important than others, which is completely wrong for me.

I am not an expert in programming, but I found that the most important…

As i promised all of you when i created my first article Introduction of TDD, today i’m going to show you a basic implementation of a simple example.

NB: I am not a master of TDD but i can help with my basics knowledges.

1- From Previous Article:

A programmer taking a TDD approach…

A lot of developers (including me :D) used to say the famous phrase “it works on my computer”, when they deployed their applications.

The solution is to make both environments, development & production, have the same configuration. Here Docker comes to save a developer’s life :D.

1- What is Docker?

Two years ago i heard that there is a technical which reduce potential bugs in production code, but i was sceptical.

The idea that “ I have to write code to check if the code i wrote was right” was meaningless.

What is TDD ?

Test Driven Developement, or TDD, is a software development…

In the first part ( Post 1) We explored how to implement the Rest API without using FosRestBunlde. In this post, we are going to secure the implementation by using JWT Authentication.

1- What is JWT ?

JWT (JSON Web Token) is a very popular technology that we use to…

In this first article we are going to explore the simplest way to implement a REST API in symfony project without FosRestBundle. I will add the second article containing JWT authentication. Before we create this implementation, we need firstly understand what REST actually means.

1- What is Rest?

Rest as…


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